• Food and drinks A “blood-red” wine made by house-elves served by Severus Snape at Spinner’s End to Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange (HBP2). The bottle was old and dusty, of unknown origin, though possibly made by house-elves at Hogwarts. After the burial of Aragog the acromantula, Slughorn and Hagrid drank several bottles… Read More
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In one of her many interviews, JKR said that wizards generally live longer than Muggles. After a thorough research about food in the Harry Potter universe and, above all, its magical part, the only possible conclusion is that wizards don’t have problems with cholesterol, otherwise their life span would be… Read More
• Food and drinks A type of beer sold at the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley, said to have a horrible taste (Pm). Named for Minister of Magic Ulick Gamp, who allowed the famous wizarding tavern to stay open in London after the Statute of Secrecy, and permit the owner to control access to… Read More
• Food and drinks • Words and terms 1920s North American slang for alcoholic beverages. The magical variety actually causes the drinker to giggle.  … Read More
• Food and drinks A drink served at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Read More
• Source Harry and Dumbledore enter the cave where Voldemort has hidden a Horcrux. After swimming to the entrance, Dumbledore splatters it with his blood to gain entry and they take a hidden boat across a lake. Protecting the Horcrux there is a potion that must be drunk. Dumbledore insists that he is the… Read More
• Food and drinks A drink served at the speakeasy known as The Blind Pig in 1926 New York City. Read More
• Magical objects Mad-Eye Moody was well-known to drink only from a hip flask he always carried because he feared being poisoned by Dark Wizards even while among friends (GF12). Read More
• Character Mrs. Cole was the matron of Tom Riddle’s orphanage. She was interviewed c. 1937 by Dumbledore and told him the circumstances of Tom’s birth and about his anti-social behavior (HBP13). Described as a “skinny, harassed-looking woman” with a “sharp-featured face that appeared more anxious than unkind” (HBP13).  Harry… Read More
• Food and drinks Two bottles of nettle wine were included in Snape’s Potion Riddle, part of the protection surrounding the Philosopher’s Stone hidden beneath Hogwarts Castle in 1991-1992 (PS16). Read More
• Potion ingredients Used in boil-cure potion and other remedies. Also gathered in Queerditch Marsh for nettle tea (QA3)  … Read More
• Magical objects Presumably looks like an ordinary teacup until an unwary drinker attempts to use it, then bites the drinker on the nose. Read More
• Source Umbridge replaces Dumbledore as Head of Hogwarts, the students (with the help of Fred’s and George’s inventions) rebel while the staff sit back and watch, and Umbridge tries to get Harry to tell her where Dumbledore is hiding.  Harry confronts Cho about her friend Marietta, continues his Occlumency lessons with… Read More
• Areas of knowledge • Hogwarts academics Potions are magical liquids created by mixing various ingredients in a cauldron according to very specific rules. These mixtures must usually be drunk to give their magical effect. The ingredients in potions range from the mundane to the bizarre and fantastic, and the procedures for creating some potions can be… Read More
• Place We know of a number of pubs in the wizarding world: The Green Dragon The Hanged Man, a Muggle pub in Little Hangleton The Hog’s Head, in Hogsmeade The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade A Muggle pub near the visitors’ entrance to the Ministry of Magic… Read More
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• Businesses, merchants, and shops A well-known inn and a frequent haunt of Hogwarts students. It’s warm and comfortable, is packed every time Harry goes in, and is a great spot to drink butterbeer (PA10), although they also serve firewhisky (GF25), gillywater, mulled mead, red currant rum, and even cherry syrup and soda… Read More
• Magical discipline Transfiguration is magic which changes one object into another. It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa. Some Transfiguration spells alter a part of something, such as changing a person’s ears from normal into rabbit ears. At Hogwarts, Transfiguration is taught by Professor McGonagall. The… Read More