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Clothing at Hogwarts

Clothing at Hogwarts

Hogwarts students are required to have three sets of plain black work robes, a plain black pointed hat, a black winter cloak with silver fastenings, and a pair of protective gloves (made of dragon hide or similar material).

All pupils' clothes should carry name tags (PS5).

Students at Hogwarts wear black pointed hats to class. - "Snape said Moody's searched his office as well?" Ron whispered, his eyes alight with interest as he Banished a cushion with a sweep of his wand (it soared into the air and knocked Parvati's hat off) (GF26).

The protective gloves may be worn as ordinary clothing on particularly cold days, but are used mainly for their protective purpose (e.g. in Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology when working with particularly dangerous animals or plants).


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