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Black Punishment Quill


"Yes, it hurts, doesn't it? ...Well, I think I've made my point, Mr Potter. You may go."
-- Umbridge (OP13)

Black Punishment Quill

Invented by Dolores Umbridge.

A long, thin black quill with an unusually sharp point, this quill does not use ink. Instead, when used to write, it magically slices into the back of the hand holding it and draws blood in place of ink. The cuts at first heal immediately, but over a long session the damage will be repaired more and more slowly, until the hand is finally left raw and bleeding.

Dolores Umbridge forced students to use it when they did lines in detention with her, to make sure that the message of the lines "makes an impression" (OP13).

  • Harry often did lines with this quill in detention during the 1995 - 1996 school year, always writing the same words: I must not tell lies. (OP13, OP15).
  • By the time the D.A. held its first meeting, the back of Harry's right hand was scarred from the use of this quill (OP18).
  • Hermione made some Murtlap essence that soothed the cuts on Harry's hand, and later did the same for Lee Jordan after he had detention for defending the Weasley Twins game of Exploding Snap in the classroom (he later put Nifflers in her office) (OP15, OP25).



The name of this horrible quill was given on Pottermore


Reminiscent of Act 1, scene 5, of Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe: Faustus cuts his arm in order to write with his own blood a deed promising his soul to the devil. After writing the document, Faustus realizes that a cryptic inscription has appeared on his arm. -BB

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