School Song


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  • Zara

    Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
    Teach us something please,
    Whether we be old and bald,
    Or young with scabby knees,
    Our heads could do with filling,
    With some interesting stuff,
    For now they’re bare and full of air,
    Dead flies and bits of fluff,
    So teach us things worth knowing,
    Bring back what we’ve forgot,
    Just do your best, we’ll do the rest,
    And learn until our brains all rot.[2]

    • You’ve discovered one of the scattering of entries which are still blank after having been imported directly from the old site. We keep track of these and are gradually filling them in. You might expect that this would be happening a bit more quickly, but honestly we’ve been focused more on the bigger editing tasks like creating the timeline. I’ll add the School Song to our to do list and we’ll get it filled in ASAP. Thanks for catching it!