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Hogwarts Windows

Hogwarts castle has many windows.

Views from Hogwarts windows:

  • The Great Hall has windows which look out on the front lawn (CS5).
  • The tall and narrow windows in Harry's dormitory look out on the school grounds (CS5).
  • The DAD classroom has windows looking out onto the grounds (CS6).
  • At least one window in Professor McGonagall's office overlooks the Quidditch pitch (PA9).
  • The windows of the DADA teacher's office face south toward the lake (GF, Moody looked out and saw Durmstrang ship) and also west toward the Quidditch pitch (OP13).
  • A window near the Fat Lady's corridor affords a view of Hagrid's cabin and the school grounds (OP13).
  • Just up the corridor from the History of Magic classroom, in the direction of the marble staircase, is a window with a view of Hagrid’s cabin (OP17).
  • The Charms classroom has a window that overlooks the front entrance of Hogwarts (OP30).
  • The third floor corridor has a window overlooking the castle's front drive (OP30).
  • The head's office, which is circular, has multiple windows (HBP23). At least one window faces east and has a view of some of the mountains surrounding the castle (OP37).
  • The Ravenclaw common room has graceful arched windows that provide a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains (Pm).
  • The windows of the underground Slytherin common room provide an underwater view of the lake (Pm).

Events involving Hogwarts windows:

  • During the Cornish pixie incident, pixies broke windows and threw Lockhart's wand out of one (CS6).
  • As Hermione figured out (GF31, GF36), Rita Skeeter learned about Harry's scar pain by “bugging” the North Tower during Harry’s Divination class when he opened the window to get some air when he felt unwell (GF29).
  • While the fifth years were busy studying, other kids bewitched snowballs to fly up and hit the windows of the Gryffindor common room to tease them (OP21).
  • Nifflers trashed Umbridge's office after being levitated through an office window by Lee Jordan (OP31).


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