Hogwarts Fires

Hogwarts Fires

Hogwarts has many fireplaces. The fireplaces at Hogwarts are not usually connected (Pm).

  • Professor McGonagall's office has a fireplace with a mantelpiece (CS8). This fireplace can be connected to the Floo Network when neccessary (HBP18).
  • While in hiding, Sirius Black talked to Harry by means of a wizard fireplace (GF19).
  • Snape used a powder thrown into the fire in his office fireplace to contact Lupin and ask to speak to him (PA14).
  • When the Ministry wanted to spy on all communication in and out of Hogwarts, they employed the Floo Regulation Board to monitor the Hogwarts fires (OP27OP28).
  • Harry took a risk and spoke to Sirius, Lupin and Kreacher through the fireplaces at Hogwarts anyway (OP28OP29OP32).
  • During Harry's first Divination class, the Divination classroom was “stiflingly warm” due to the fireplace being lit to heat “a large copper kettle”, which gives off a “sickly” perfume (PA6).


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