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Hogwarts Students

Hogwarts Students

Hogwarts students come from across the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are sorted into one of four houses and spend most of their time with their fellow house members for the seven years they attend Hogwarts. All British and Irish wizarding children are invited to attend Hogwarts and most do, although some families choose to either home school their children or send them abroad to other wizarding schools.

Gryffindor students

Hufflepuff students

Ravenclaw students

Slytherin students

Students whose House is unknown:

  • Bundy, K. (QA)
  • Capper, S. (QA)
  • Dorny, J. (QA)
  • Dobbs, Emma (1994 – 2001) (GF12 )
  • Dunstan, B. (QA)
  • Gudgeon, Davey – almost lost an eye to the Whomping Willow (c. 1970s) (PA10)
  • Hornby, Olive (c. 1940s) teased Myrtle
  • Jorkins, Bertha (1969-1976) 2 years ahead of the Marauders
  • MacDonald, Mary (1970s) – possibly a Gryffindor (DH33)
  • Midgen, Eloise (1990s) (GF22) tried to charm away acne, likely in Hufflepuff
  • Moon (1991 – 1998) (PS7)
  • Perks, Sally-Ann (1991 – 1998) (PS7)
  • Derek (1993 – 2000) stayed over Chistmas holidays (PA11)


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