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Map: Hogwarts in the movies


I’ve just finished updating the page Map of Hogwarts in the movies ; by Quentin Lowagie, the webmaster of the Lexicon in French (L’Encyclopédie Harry Potter). Quentin does a marvelous job of mapping out the buildings and grounds of Hogwarts as it appears, and changes, through the movies. You can find this map and other maps of Hogwarts, including Jo’s own in the Atlas of Hogwarts section.
More movie location pages coming soon.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Del

    With all the chopping and changing that has happened in the first 4 films the layout has been a jumbled mess with regard to continuity, I’m impressed at the collating of the available information.

    Good work.

  • roonwit

    The cloister at #16 is actually Durham Cathedral for many or all such scenes in the first two movies, indeed the whole building to its right is a slightly tweaked model of the cathedral.

  • Paul

    This map is fantastic becasue i have always wanted to know what Hogwarts would look like from a birds-eye-view. I guess i study the layout of the grounds and castle a bit as well and this map really helped me. I’m just a bit confused as to what the little courtyard is that is surrounded by gryfindor tower, the main staircase tower and the hospital wing. Overall i loved this map andf can’t wait for you to make the ultimate map at the end of the 7th movie.