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Members of the wizarding community use quill pens and parchment for writing rather than modern Muggle pens and paper.

Various birds' feathers may be used to create such quill pens, including magical birds. In addition, specific kinds of quills may have spells placed on them, such as to prevent cheating during examns (PS16) or to automatically provide correct answers (OP31).

Various kinds of feathers have been mentioned as being used for quill pens in the wizarding world.

  • Harry uses an eagle-feather quill (GF2)
  • One Auror dictates to his quill (OP7).
  • Mundungus attempted to charge the twins six Sickles for a bag of knarl quills, which they considered extortionate (OP9).
  • Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop sells pheasant-feather quills; Hermione bought a black-and-gold one during the first Hogsmeade visit in her fifth year (OP16).
  • Lockhart used a peacock-feather quill for book signings and giving out autographs generally; he still has it (OP23).

Dumbledore had a "handsome scarlet quill" on the desk in his office; since it matched the colour of Fawkes' body feathers, it might have been a phoenix-feather quill (OP37).

An infamous quill is the one used by Dolores Umbridge during her detentions (OP13).



Late Middle English (in the senses 'hollow stem' and 'shaft of a feather'): probably from Middle Low German quiele

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