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The Harry Potter Canon

"The practical examination took place in the afternoon on the lawn on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, where students were required to correctly identify the Knarl hidden among a dozen hedgehogs (the trick was to offer them all milk in turn: Knarls, highly suspicious creatures whose quills had many magical properties, generally went berserk at what they saw as an attempt to poison them)" (OP31)


Very similar to a hedgehog, except for behavioural differences: a Knarl offended by an offering of food will destroy a garden in retaliation (FB). The quills of the Knarl have many magical properties (OP31).

The knarl takes offense easily and will think food left out my muggles is a trap and will wreak havoc on garden plants and ornaments (FB).

This question on the first W.O.M.B.A.T. test suggests that the Knarl is classified as a pest, since the most likely correct answer is Horklump:

23. Which of the Following is NOT listed as a pest by the Pest Advisory Board?
a. Bundimun
b. Chizpurfle
c. Doxy
d. Gnome
e. Horklump
f. Knarl
g. Pixie

Part of the O.W.L. test in Care of Magical Creatures involved knowing how to distinguish between a Knarl and a hedgeghog (OP31).


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