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You may remember the funny introduction to Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them where Scamander writes about how hard it has been to figure out what is a beast and what is a magical being. Well, John and I have been wrestling with the same question because we’ve been trying to sort our pages out. My “Magical Being” page had info on animals like Lavender’s rabbit, and so on. Anyway, John and I have revised several pages to straighten all this out.

New “Magical Beings” page: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/wizards/wizards-non.html
New “Named Beasts” page: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/bestiary/beasts.html


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Severus Snape

    Excellent idea. I like how easy it is to navigate, making it a great resource. Now if the Potion’s Page would get a make-over, that would be terrific!

  • Reader2

    These are both very nice pages, but even you can not keep track of all the creatures in the Potterverse. Here is one you’ve missed: Bodrod the Bearded, one of the goblin leaders mentioned in the History class.
    Also, Hengist of Upper Barnton is on the list of beings in general, but not on the separate list of giants.

    I’ve been wondering, do you plan on posting the Chocolate Frog Cards with non-human characters, it would be cool to see more images of goblins, giant, vampiers and… well, may be not hags.

    And speacking of hags, you might want to note that in Russian fari tales Babayaga was spelled Baba Yaga (in two words) which “baba” in Russian is a rude reference to a woman.

  • Lisa

    That would explain some of the images I got when I googled it. I was looking for a copyright free image of Baba yaga or her hut.

  • Mellilot

    I don’t think the Centaurs should be in the being section – they specifically requested to be put into the beast category so as to distance themselves from humans and avoid being related to creatures like vampires and hags…

  • moony

    Perhaps this isn’t relevant, but where do you list werewolves? And I don’t find the basilisk (except in references) on the beast-page, or did I get lost?

  • Shouldn’t the Bandon Banshee be on the Beings section? Banshees are not listed as beasts.

  • It looks like a lot of the hyperlinks on the Magical Beings page aren’t working – the ones in the headings are mainly okay, but the ones in the explanatory texts below are mostly broken. Thought you might want to know!

  • Lisa

    Nooooo! Goes to check…

  • Phew! I think we got all the links fixed. Thanks Red!
    To answer some of the questions:
    Reader2, Bodrod the Bearded could be a name that Ron made up, (see the Reader’s Guide for GF31) whereas Urg is on FW card, and we are working on incorporating more images from the cards.
    Mellilot, we’ve listed centaurs in general in the bestiary and the “named” ones on this non-wizards page.
    moony, you can find the basilisk in the bestiary, but since this new page is a list of all the “named” creatures, it isn’t listed here (even if we knew it’s name we probably couldn’t understand it, we aren’t Parselmouths, teehee).
    We list werewolves in the bestiary, as they are listed in FB. But since we do know some named ones, perhaps we should add them to this page, good point. I’ll bring it up with John.
    Warren, banshees are Dark Creatures so they are listed in the bestiary, not beings (even if they are not listed in FB).

  • Lisa

    Mellilot, Centaurs will have to petition the Lexicon if they want to be considered beasts. We see that protest as a political decison not founded in reality; they are clearly beings and not beasts. Their official Wizarding World political status *is* noted on the page where we explain Centaurs in general: http://www.hp-lexicon.org/bestiary/bestiary_c.html#centaur

  • Lisa

    I added some clarification to the page: “Note: Dwarves are also beings, but there are no named characters yet. Werewolves are listed as wizards (they were born wizards) under their name. This list is based upon observed behavior and not political affiliation, so centaurs are listed here as beings.”

  • Ligress

    Just a note about the werewolves, you said that only wizards can becone werevleves ont your magicals being page, however, muggles can become werewolves, too (Fantasitic Beasts page 42).

  • Pteris vittata

    Werewolves are folk that suffer from a disease, Lycanthropy, so they are not technically their own species, maybe? Some animals can develop lycanthropy too. My cousin, Beaufort, claims he was bit by a were-rabbit while out cow-tipping drunk one night. Even some plants can get wierd during full moons. On the other hand, lycanthropy so utterly changes one’s life that werewolves have a unique lifestyle and social organization so that they could maybe be considered a separate classification of being/beast. Does anyone know if the lycanthropy is passed on genetically if a werewolf breeds? Or is it passed only through blood and saliva? Just asking for, um, a friend….

  • danny

    Hagrid didnt get Fluffy of Quirrel. He got Norbert egg from him in exchange of telling him how to get p ast Flauufy. If Fluffy came from him originally how come he needed to know how to get past him?

  • anon

    On the magical beings page, the link to “B.O.G.” after the quote is dead.

  • Good catch, danny – I space out sometimes while I’m writing, sorry about that. Anyway, it’s fixed now.

  • Severus Snape

    Would the lexicon ever classify beasts in to types? (Mammal, Reptile, Amphibian,Bird,etc….)

  • Reader2

    How about the link-labels?

    The cool thing about the beings is that they can be labeled the same way as wizards.

    In addition to the Chocolate-Frog-Card-celebrities, they include a couple authors and at least one Hogwarts staff member.

    Although, this rises a few interesting questions:

    Do Dobby, Winky and Kreacher qualify as Hogwarts staff?

    Does Golgomath qualify as a Death Eater?

    Does Sanguini qualify as a Slug Club member?

  • Deborah Hubbard

    Good thinking, Reader2. My view is that Dobby gets paid, has conditions of service etc so he is a staff member, just like Prof McGonagall. The others … are probably on a par with volunteer workers, so no, they wouldn’t qualify as staff. Same as mothers who give up an afternoon to coach the tennis or supervise the swimming. No mention of them in school magazines or websites.

  • Severus Snape, probably not… Jo doesn’t classify her creatures this way, and we just don’t have enough information to do it ourselves. For that matter, we don’t even know if magical creatures *can* be classified this way – they only can be if Jo says so, and she hasn’t said anything about it to date. We’ve got our hands full as it is – Lisa and I have got something like 12 distinct categories of beasts and beings we’re trying to group logically.

    Personally, I’d definitely qualify the house-elves as staff! Sanguini could count for Slug Club, too, but I don’t know about Golgomath – pretty doubtful he’s been branded with the dark mark, so he’s not technically a Death Eater, even if he is on their side.

  • Lisa

    About Sanguini, I dunno. Being the guest of a club member doesn’t necessarily make you a member yourself. I have always suspected that poor Sanguini was there for his entertainment/shock value.

    The evidence is even weaker for Golgomath. While it might be worth noting on the DE page that the giants are cooperating with Voldemort’s minions, there has been no suggestion that Golgomath himself has been darkmarked.

    Reader2, thank you for the note about Dobby! I’m glad you discovered our oversight before Hermione did.

  • Reader2

    If you define Death Eater as someone braided with the mark then Golgomath probably does not qualify since anyone who would even try to braid him would probably get their head ripped off, but in that case, tell me was Quirrel braided? Was Bagman?

  • x-dragonheart-x

    how do you actually get infected by lycanthropy? is it through a werewolf bite? and is it passed through the blood only or is there another way?

  • x-dragonheart-x, The only way mentioned in the books is via a bite from a werewolf. And we know from Bill’s situation that the severity of the infection is related to whether or not the werewolf has transformed or not.