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The Harry Potter Canon

This arboreal creature resembles a cross between a monkey and a frog. (FB)

  • It has mottled green smooth skin. (FB)
  • The Clabbert has short horns and a wide grinning mouth. Its long arms and webbed hands and feet allow it to move gracefully through the trees. (FB)
  • On the Clabbert's forehead is a large pustule which flashes red when the Clabbert senses the approach of danger, including Muggles. (FB)
  • American wizards used Clabbert's as warning devices for approaching muggles, however the International Confederation of Wizards has introduced fines to stop this.
  • Originated in Southern states of America before being exported worldwide. (FB)



"clabber" Scottish and Anglo-Irish dialect word for mud, soft dirt, wet clay; as a U.S. dialect word, it means to curdle (as in turning milk sour) (NSOED).

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