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Invisibility Cloaks

"We lost Moody’s spare Invisibility Cloak when Sturgis was arrested...." (OP17)

"I’ve heard stuff about charms wearing off cloaks when they get old, or them being ripped apart by spells so they’ve got holes in...."
-- Ron Weasley (DH21)

Invisibility Cloaks

Invisibility Cloaks are magical cloaks of silvery grey material that, when worn, makes the covered parts of the wearer invisible. Invisibility Cloaks are rare and valuable.


Invisibility Cloaks can be created in at least three different ways. Some are imbued with a Disillusionment Charm, some carry a Bedazzling Hex, and some are woven from Demiguise hair. Such cloaks fade over the years until they turn opaque (FB, DH21, TTB).

A true Cloak of Invisibility does not fade or need a charm for its invisibility to be renewed (DH21). According to Albus Dumbledore:

“True Invisibility Cloaks, though rare, exist in this world of ours; however, the story makes it clear that Death’s Cloak is of a uniquely durable nature….” (TTB).


Harry inherited one from his father James Potter, which was given to him anonymously by Albus Dumbledore at Christmas of 1991 (PS12). Harry’s Invisibility Cloak is actually a unique artefact, one of the Deathly Hallows (DH21). Once he receives it, Harry uses this cloak to hide himself and his friends several times over the next few years.

The fake Moody also had an Invisibility Cloak in the seven-lock trunk (second key) (GF35).

The members of the Order of the Phoenix used invisibility cloaks to hide themselves as they stand guard over Harry in Privet Drive or at the Department of Mysteries (OP2, OP9, OP17, OP26).

In the next generation, Harry’s son James Potter inherits the Invisibility Cloak (CC1). His younger brother Albus steals it from James when he needs to hide from bullies, or from Professor McGonagall (CC2).

In The Tale of the Three Brothers, Death has an invisibility cloak. The third brother asks for the cloak as his wish and then, wisely, vanishes from Death’s sight (TTB).



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