Concealment Charm

A charm used to hide an object.

History and Notes

  • Cast by Vincent Duc de Trefle-Picques to hide his own head in order to convince Muggles during the French Revolution that his head had already been cut off (Pm).
  • A mass Concealment Charm was rumored to have been cast along with 167 memory charms, resulting in the unexpected appearance of a scarlet steam engine and carriages at a railway station in Hogsmeade over a hundred years ago (Pm).

References from the canon

Detected by Secrecy Sensors (HBP15, c.f. GF20), can be overcome by Revealing Charm (BoS2)

Similar to Disillusionment Charms (OP3, OP4, HBP3, DH4, DH15, DH16, DH21, DH22, DH24, FB, JKR: WOMBAT1, TBB: TTB)

c.f. "charms of concealment" (TBB: WHP, TBB: TTB), "spells of concealment" (DH26, Pm: Remus Lupin), "magical concealment" used by Voldemort to hide the ring Horcrux in the Gaunt hovel (HBP23) and mentioned as being able to be defeated by the Thief's Downfall (DH26)


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