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Many countries have magical governing bodies; Bulgaria, for example, has its own Ministry of Magic, the Minister of which, Mr. Oblansk, sat in the Top Box to watch the World Cup Final in 1994 (GF8). There is also a Ministry of Magic in Norway (QA3) and other countries. All of these governmental organizations have signed the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy of 1692 which set down many requirements for individual countries to keep the Muggles unaware of the wizarding world. This requires the Ministries of each country to monitor activities such as Quidditch and to protect and hide the various magical beasts which live within their borders (FB, QA).

Other governing bodies:

  • International Confederation of Wizards (PS4GF17)
  • International Federation of Warlocks (PA3)
  • Ministries of Magic:
    • Andorran (GF28)
    • Burkina Faso (FB)
    • Bulgarian (GF8)
    • German (FB)
    • New Zealand (QA8)
    • Norwegian (QA3)
    • Liechtenstein (Pm)
  • a subcommittee of Sardinian sorcerers (CS9)
  • Transylvanians are to sign the International Ban on Duelling (GF23)
  • Magical Congress of the United States of America (Pm)


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