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International wizardry

International wizardry

International wizardry covers the management of magic, Witches and Wizards worldwide. Meetings of the International Confederation of Wizards (ICW) take responsibility for overseeing this.

Countries in the Wizarding world each have their own magical government system running side-by-side to the local Muggle government. Since the passage of the International Statute of Secrecy in 1692, Wizards and Witches are required to keep their magic hidden from non-magical people (Pm, DH2).

Some international wizarding events

Quidditch World Cup

Annual International Gardening Competition

International Symposium of Animagi

Triwizard Tournament

Other international initiatives

International Ban on Duelling

International Magical Trading Standards Body

International Confederation of Wizards Quidditch Committee (ICWQC)

International Association of Quidditch

International Wizarding Order of Merit

International Warlock Convention


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