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The Harry Potter Canon

"Eleven Sickles ...but for firteen you get 'or chocolate, and for fifteen you get an 'ot water bottle an' a toofbrush in the color of your choice."
-- Stan Shunpike on the Knight Bus (PA3)

Sickles are silver coins used in the Wizarding World.

  • The actual values of these coins are a bit complicated for Muggles to figure out in Muggle terms without a calculator, and rather difficult for wizards when dealing with Muggle money (GF7). It's easy for wizards dealing only with wizarding currency, however. Hagrid states: "The gold ones are Galleons. Seventeen silver Sickles to a Galleon and twenty-nine Knuts to a Sickle, it's easy enough." Therefore 1 Galleon = 17 Sickles = 493 Knuts.
  • During Harry's first Hogwarts Christmas Feast, flaming puddings were served that contained silver Sickles. Percy nearly broke a tooth on one (PS12).
  • Harry paid eleven Sickles to go from Little Whinging to London on the Knight Bus.  It would have cost more if he had wanted chocolate or a toothbrush (PA3).
  • In 1999, the Daily Prophet advertised "Muggle Guards" - doorknobs that shrieked if a Muggle touched them, 3 Sickles apiece, 10 for a Galleon (DP2)
  • Floo Powder is two Sickles a scoop (Pm)



"sickle" = something crescent-shaped and silver, like a scythe blade or the moon, or possibly a reference to "shekel" = ancient silver coins used in Jerusalem and the Holy Land

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