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Toots, Shoots ‘n’ Roots

Bouncing bulbs losing height?
Devil's Snare merely tickling?
Fanged Geranium nothing but gums?
Then tune your wireless to
Toots, Shoots 'n' Roots
the award-winning herbology presented by ~Tilden Toots,~ 'the wizard with three green thumbs'
-- Advertisement on Wizarding Wireless (JKR)

Toots, Shoots ‘n’ Roots

A Wizarding Wireless gardening show featuring Tilden Toots, celebrity gardener (JKR).

The radio show was featured on J.K. Rowling's Official Site. On March 9, 2006 the site was revamped and new Scrapbook items added for discovery. One of the tricks involved listening to a 'wireless' program on the radio in the Extra Stuff bulletin board screen. Tilden's wife Daisy Hookum was "Wizard of the Month" in June 2006, while he followed in March 2007.

Here is a transcript of the 'wireless' radio program:

Hello and welcome back to "Toots, Shoots 'n' Roots" with me, Tilden Toots.
Mrs. Georgina Smyth of Nettlebed in Oxfordshire has sent an owl with an all too common problem.

Dear Tilden,
I've not watered my Flitterbloom for several months and now when I need to use it in a potion I find it's died. I've threatened it with a number of curses but it refuses to revive. What would you recommend?

Well Georgina, a combination of my famous Rejuicing and Regerminating potions ought to do the trick. Six drops of the red Rejuicer followed by three drops of the green Regerminator will be the breath of life to a plant beyond the reach of blackmail.

Unfortunately, that's all we have time for today. But, be sure to tune in next time when we'll be discussing the right way to skin a Gurdyroot and what to do if muggles hear your Honking Daffodils. Until next time, that's Tootle-oo from Toots!




Toots, shoots, and roots refer to different parts of plants

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