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Tilden Toots

Bouncing bulbs losing height?
Devil's Snare merely tickling?
Fanged Geranium nothing but gums?
Then tune your wireless to
Toots, Shoots 'n' Roots

. . . be sure to tune in next time when we'll be discussing the right way to skin a Gurdyroot and what to do if muggles hear your Honking Daffodils. Until next time, that's Tootle-oo from Toots!
-- Tilden Toots (JKR)

Tilden Toots

Tilden Toots was wizard with “three green thumbs” who hosted a Wizarding Wireless radio show on Herbology. He was married to the author Daisy Hookum (JKR, WoM).


Married to Daisy Hookum who wrote "My Life as a Muggle" after giving up magic for one year (JKR).


Great at sharing his gardening know-how. Invented Rejuicing and Regerminating Potion.

Tilden Toots
Gender Male
Dates b. 1959
Species / Race Wizard
Other Names "the wizard with three green thumbs"
Hair brown
Eyes blue
Distinguishing Features Has a broad West Country accent
Profession celebrity gardener
First Introduced WoM



"Tilden Toots" is possibly a pun on "Tilled-in Roots."


Tilden might have been at Hogwarts along with the Potters, the Longbottoms, Sirius Black, and Snape since he was born in 1959, just a year before most of them.

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