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Rejuicing and Regerminating Potions

" ...Six drops of the red Rejuicer followed by three drops of the green Regerminator will be the breath of life to a plant beyond the reach of blackmail."
-- Tilden Toots (JKR)

Plant rejuvenating potions invented by Tilden Toots, celebrity host of “Toots, Shoots and Roots” on the Wizarding Wireless (JKR).

References from the canon

Tilden Toots suggested the use of his potions to Mrs. Georgina Smyth of Nettlebed in Oxfordshire to revive her Flitterbloom. The two potions are used in a sequence: six drops of the red Rejuicing Potion is placed on a plant , then three drops of the green Regerminating Potion (JKR).



"Rejuice" = to add liquid, "Regerminate" = to give new life

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