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Harry Potter’s Gifts

Harry Potter’s Gifts

See also the essay Harry’s Things by Morag Traynor (2004).

Birthday presents Christmas presents Other gifts
From the Dursleys 10th: a coat hanger and a pair of Uncle Vernon’s old socks (PS3)
12th: ignored (CS1)
13th: ignored (PA1)
14th: ignored (GF2)
book 1: A fifty-pence piece (PS12)
book 2: a toothpick (CS12)
book 3: and a single tissue (GF23)
From Aunt Marge A box of dog biscuits when he was about 7 or 8 years old (PA2)
From Hagrid 11th: a large, sticky chocolate cake with “Happy Birthday Harry” written on it in green icing (PS4), and Hedwig the Owl (PS5)
13th: The Monster Book of Monsters (PA1)
14th: cake (GF2)
17th: Mokeskin pouch (DH7)
book 1: A hand-whittled wooden flute (PS12)
book 2: a large tin of treacle fudge (CS12)
book 4: a box of sweets including all Harry’s favorites:  Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, and Fizzing Whizbees (GF23)
book 5: a furry brown wallet with fangs (OP23)
book 1: Wizard photo album of his parents (PS17)
Book 3: a bunch of earwiggy flowers that looked like yellow cabbages (PA10)
book 4: rock cakes (GF3)
From Hermione 13th: card, letter and a Broomstick Servicing Kit (a jar of Fleetwood’s High-Finish Handle Polish, a pair of gleaming silver Tall-Twig Clippers, a tiny brass compass to clip on your broom for long journeys, and a Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare) (PA1)
14th: cake, card (GF2)
15th: card, a box of Honeydukes chocolates (Harry threw it away unopened and later regretted it) (OP1)
17th: Sneakoscope (DH7)
book 1: A large box of Chocolate Frogs (PS12)
book 2: a luxury eagle-feather quill (CS12)
book 4: Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland (GF23)
book 5: a talking homework diary (OP23)
Book 4: Sugar-free snacks (GF3)
From Ron 13th: his first-ever birthday card, a letter, and a Pocket Sneakoscope (PA1)
14th: cake, card (GF2)
15th: box of Honeydukes chocolates (Harry threw it away unopened and later regretted it) (OP1)
17th: the book Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches (DH7)
book 2: Flying with the Cannons (CS12)
book 4: a bulging bag of Dungbombs (GF23)
book 5: an enormous box of Every-Flavour Beans (OP23)
From Ginny 17th: a kiss as potent as firewhisky (DH7) Book 2: singing valentine (CS13, TLC)
Book 3: a get-well card she had made herself, which sang shrilly unless Harry kept it shut under his bowl of fruit (PA10)
From the school Book 1: Nimbus 2000 (PS9)
From Mrs. Weasley 16th: Birthday cake at a celebration at the Burrow (marred by fresh news of dementor attacks) (HBP6)
17th: Molly’s brother Fabian’s gold watch and a birthday cake shaped like a golden snitch (DH7)
book 1: An emerald green sweater and a large box of fudge (PS12)
book 2: a sweater and a large plum cake (CS12)
book 3: a scarlet sweater with the Gryffindor lion, a dozen mince pies, some Christmas cake, and a box of nut brittle (PA11)
book 4: a green sweater with a picture of a dragon and a large quantity of mince pies (GF23)
book 5: a sweater and some mince pies (OP23)
book 6: a sweater with a large Golden Snitch (HBP16)
Book 4: Fruitcake and assorted meat pies (GF3)
From Bill & Fleur 17th: an enchanted razor (DH7)
From Dumbledore 17th: the snitch Harry caught in his first Quidditch match and the sword of Gryffindor (DH7) [these were actually bequests left in Dumbledore’s will] book 1: James’s invisibility cloak (PS12).
From Dobby book 4: A homemade pair of socks (left one bright red with broomsticks, right one green with a pattern of Snitches) (GF23)
book 5: a “dreadful” painted portrait of Harry (OP23)
From Fred & George 17th: Enormous box of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes merchandise (DH7) book 3: Marauder’s Map (PA11), an early Christmas present
book 6: a large box of Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products (HBP16)
book 1: toilet seat (confiscated by Madam Pomfrey) (PS17)
book 6: Decoy Detonator (HBP6)
From Sirius 13th: A Firebolt (PA11); “Please consider it as thirteen birthdays’ worth of presents from your godfather.” (PA22)
14th: cake (GF3)
book 4: A handy penknife with attachments to unlock any lock and undo any knot (GF23)
book 5: Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts(from Sirius and Lupin) (OP23)
book 5: two-way mirror (OP38)
book 6: everything he owned (money and Sirius’s personal possessions) (HBP3)
From Tonks book 5: A small, working model of a Firebolt (OP23)
From Flitwick book 5: Box of squeaking sugar mice (OP26)
From the Delacours 17th: A box of chocolates (DH7)
From Romilda Vane book 6: Chocolate Cauldrons containing firewhiskey tainted by love potion (HBP15)
From Kreacher book 6: A box of maggots (HBP16)
From the Christmas crackers at Hogwarts book 1: non-explodable, luminous balloons, a Grow-Your-Own-Warts kit, and a wizard chess set (PS12)
Unnamed friends and admirers Book 1: “half the candy shop” (PS17)

Gifts Harry has given:

  • To Hermione: Omnioculars (GF7) and New Theory of Numerology (OP23).
  • To Ron: sweets on the train (PS), Omnioculars (GF7), New dress robes (by way of the twins) (GF, OP9), Keeper’s gloves (HBP18), and — unintentionally — Romilda Vane’s poisoned chocolates (see above). For Christmas, Harry has given Ron the Dursley’s fifty-pence piece (PS12), a Broom Compass (OP23), and a Chudley Cannons hat (GF23).
  • To Dobby: for Christmas, Uncle Vernon’s “knobbly” pair of mustard yellow socks (GF23).
  • To Fred and George: His 1,000 Galleon Triwizard Tournament earnings (GF36).
  • To Ginny: Lockhart’s book set (CS4).


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