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Dobby visits Harry’s dormitory on Christmas morning

"They're... they're really... well, thanks, Dobby." --Harry Potter (GF23)

Dobby visits Harry’s dormitory on Christmas morning

Harry wakes up on Christas morning to find Dobby staring at him, eager to give Harry his present. Harry’s startled response wakes up the other boys, and they start opening presents. Pretending he had thought to get Dobby a gift, Harry opens his trunk and gives the elf an ugly old pair of mustard-colored socks. To these, Ron adds two of his newly-unwrapped gifts: a pair of purple socks and the sweater from his mother. Two mismatched quidditch-themed socks he made himself are Dobby’s gift to Harry. Ron gets a Chudley Cannons hat from Harry. Dobby leaves to help prepare Christmas dinner, and Harry opens the rest of his presents before he and Ron meet up with Hermione in the common room and go to breakfast (GF23).


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