Harry’s dormitory

Harry’s dormitory

Harry shares his dormitory with Ron, Neville, Dean and Seamus. Located at the “top of a spiral staircase” leading from the Gryffindor Common Room, the round room contains five four-poster beds with “deep-red velvet curtains” (PS7). The room contains wardrobes (PS17), and has “high, narrow windows” (CS5). The boys’ trucks are located “at the ends of their beds” (CS5). At Christmas, presents are always left at the foot of each person’s bed, presumably by the house-elves (PA11). The girls are allowed in their dormitory and Hermione is often there visiting with Harry and Ron, but the boys are not allowed in the girls’ dormitory (OP17).

"They hurried up [the staircase], right to the top, and at last reached the door of their old dormitory, which now had a sign on it saying 'second years'" (CS5). -- So, the location of Harry's dormitory doesn't change as the years change; only the sign is altered.


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