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Hogwarts Trunk

Hogwarts Trunk

Hogwarts trunks are large, portable receptacles that Hogwarts students use to store their clothing and other possessions.

  • When the Advance Guard collected Harry from Privet Drive, Tonks packed Harry's trunk magically and then suspended it from her broom (OP3).
  • Harry kept his bottle of Felix Felicis inside some rolled up socks inside his Hogwarts trunk (HBP18).
  • Harry also kept a magical penknife and his Invisibility Cloak in his trunk (PS13, GF26).
  • The Ministry had strict rules about misuse of Extension Charms, but school trunks were considered a valid use (Pm).
  • Other students wrote "Son of Voldemort" on Scorpius Malfoy's trunk (CC1.10).


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