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A chandelier is a light fixture with many separate bulbs or candles for emitting light. A number of chandeliers are used at Hogwarts and elsewhere in the wizarding world.

  • Depending on the edition of CS, either a "candelabra" or an "iron chandelier" was used to light the DADA classroom - but came down when Cornish pixies hung Neville from it (CS6).
  • The dungeon in which Nearly-Headless Nick held his Deathday Party had a chandelier with blue-flamed candles (CS8).
  • The sumptuous prefects' bathroom was lit softly by a candle-filled chandelier that Harry found impressive (GF25).
  • A large chandelier hung in the front hallway of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place (OP4).
  • When Hogwarts is bucking against Umbridge's authority, Professor McGonagall encouraged Peeves in unscrewing a crystal chandelier (OP30).
  • A chandelier in Malfoy Manor came down just before Harry and his companions escape (DH23).


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