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Perhaps a combination of "dragon" and "ingot" (a bar of metal such as gold or silver). Rowling did state that the name of the Wizarding bank was derived from the word "ingot," for what it's worth.

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  • eekppod

    So the name of the bank in america drives from Ingot?

    • Rowling has stated that the name “Gringott” was created by combining a growling sound — “grrr” — with the word “ingot”:

      “Gringotts, really, I think, came from Ingots. You know, you get ingots of gold, those bars? So I just liked the sound of it, so to me it sounded, ‘gr’ words can sound quite aggressive or quite or even sinister. So I really combined Gringotts. I just thought it sounded that little bit intimidating, but it had that allusion to gold in it” (ITV).

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