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MACUSA The Rise of Grindelwald

Keeper of Treasure and Dragots

A position with the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA) in charge of official money matters for the government (Pm, FB/f).

  • A Dragot is the official currency of wizards in North America (Pm: History of Magic in North America).
  • In the 1800s, Aristotle Twelvetrees was a distinguished Keeper of Treasure and Dragots (Pm). Unfortunately his daughter Dorcus created a huge scandal by falling in love with a vile No-Maj named Bartholomew Barebone who was descended from Scourers. After gaining the trust of the naive Dorcus, Barebone gleaned from the girl the secrets of the magical world, including the addresses of Ilvermorny School and MACUSA and much more. As a result, MACUSA passed Rappaport's Law in 1790, forbidding friendship, love, or marriage between wizards and No-Maj. In the future there would be no cooperation between MACUSA and the No-Maj government of the United States - in effect, complete segregation. The law was eventually repealed in 1965 (Pm).



"Dragot" has the same root word as "Dragon," from the Latin draconem for "huge serpent or dragon," and seems to be paired with "ingot" - a bar of gold or other precious metal (Online Etymology Dictionary)

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