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Dorcus Twelvetrees

Vain, self-centered air-headed witch who fell in love with No-Maj and Scourer descendant, Bartholomew Barebone, ultimately causing one of the worst breaches of the International Statute of Secrecy of all time, which led to the instatement of Rappaport’s Law in the United States. She was imprisoned for a year, after which she spent her life in isolation (Pm).

Dorcas was not a good student at Ilvermorny (Pm).


  • Father: Aristotle Twelvetrees, a competent Keeper of Treasure and Dragots at MACUSA.



Helen Twelvetrees was an American actress who starred in a number of sappy dramas and frequently played women who mistakenly chose to fight on the side of a wicked man (source: Wikipedia).

Dorcas is the name of one of two young women in Toni Morrison's novel Jazz who each take a forbidden lover and meet very serious consequences.

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