A parrot is a large colourful bird from tropical regions often kept as a pet and well-known for the ability to mimic the human voice.

  • The final "dearest companion" of Dorcus Twelvetrees, a North American witch who was disgraced after giving away the secrets of the Wizarding World, including the addresses of MACUSA and Ilvermorny School to a magic-hating Scourer named Bartholomew Barebone. Although Dorcus only spent one year in jail, she was never the same again, and retreated into solitude with just a mirror and her pet parrot for company (Pm).
  • Dorcus could never again mingle with NoMaj folks to give away secrets due to Rappaport's Law, which segregated the North American Wizarding community from the Muggles (Pm).



To "parrot" means to repeat words, which is a fitting choice of pet for Dorcus, considering Bartholomew Barebone also repeated every word she told him about the magical world.

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