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Bartholomew Barebone

Bartholomew Barebone was a No-Maj whose discovery of the American wizarding community (thanks to Dorcus Twelvetrees giving him vital information) led to the instatement of Rappaport’s Law in the United States, completely segregating the magical and non-magical communities. Barebone was the descendant of Scourers, convinced to the reality of magic in society and devoted to destroying it (Pm).

Bartholomew Barebone
Gender Male
Species / Race Muggle
Blood Status Muggle
Family Groups Barebone Family
First Introduced Pm



"Barebone" hints at the Puritan Sourer legacy Bartholomew and his family carry on; first, it alludes to the austerity of Puritan sensibilities; second, Praise-God Barebone was an English Puritan of the Commonwealth/Interregnum (the period of English history between the English Civil War and the Restoration of the monarchy, when Puritans basically controlled the government and instituted reforms related to their religious and moral beliefs) who belonged to a sect particularly concerned with Judgement Day and whose name is used in reference to the appointed parliament which immediately preceded Oliver Cromwell being made Lord Protector (Barebone's parliament). (Sources: Wikipedia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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