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Rappaport’s Law


"In short, Rappaport’s Law drove the American wizarding community, already dealing with an unusually suspicious No-Maj population, still deeper underground."
-- from "Rappaport's Law" by J.K. Rowling (Pm)

Rappaport’s Law was instituted by Emily Rappaport, the 15th President of MACUSA, in 1790. The law completely segregated the No-Maj and magical communities in the United States following one of the most serious breaches of the International Statute of Secrecy of all time (Pm).

  • Rappaport's Law banned marriage ander even friendship between Wizards and No-Maj. Interaction was only allowed for everyday activities (Pm).
  • Due to the law, students from Ilvermorny School were not allowed wands before they entered the school, nor to take them home during vacations (Pm).
  • By the 1920's, MACUSA had several special offices responsible for enforcing Rappaport's Law. Among these were a sub-division focusing on No-Maj Fraternization and an office that issued and verified wand permits for every witch and wizard in the United States (Pm).
  • Rappaport's Law was repealed in 1965 (Pm).


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