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Rappaport’s Law


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"In short, Rappaport’s Law drove the American wizarding community, already dealing with an unusually suspicious No-Maj population, still deeper underground."
-- from "Rappaport's Law" by J.K. Rowling (Pm)

Rappaport’s Law was instituted by Emily Rappaport, the 15th President of MACUSA, in 1790. The law completely segregated the No-Maj and magical communities in the United States following one of the most serious breaches of the International Statute of Secrecy of all time (Pm).

  • Dorcus Twelvetrees, the daughter of Aristotle Twelvetrees who was Keeper of Dragots for MACUSA, fell in love with Benjamin Barebone, a No-Maj.  What the young witch did not realize was that Barebone was a descendant of the Scourers, who believed in magic but hated it. The infatuated Dorcus blabbed all kinds of facts to him, such as the location of MACUSA as well as Ilvermorny School (Pm).  As a result, Barebone stole Dorcus's wand and used it as evidence to the press that they should hunt down and persecute wizards and witches, members of the "evil occult" (Pm).
  • Barebone tried shooting at a group of what he believed were magical folks, but they turned out to be No-Maj. He was arrested and jailed without interference from MACUSA, much to their relief (Pm).
  • Dorcus was "disgraced" and "shell-shocked" by the betrayal of her beloved Barebone, and she was sent to jail for a year, after which she chose to live alone with just a mirror and parrot for company (Pm).
  • Rappaport's Law ended marriage or even friendship between Wizards and No-Maj. Interaction was only allowed for everyday activities (Pm).
  • Due to the law, students from Ilvermorny School were not allowed wands before they entered the school, nor to take them home during vacations (Pm).
  • Rappaport's Law was repealed in 1965 (Pm).


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