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Wand Ban of 1631

A postbox and several litter bins were turned into wildebeest by goblins using wands, in contravention of the First Article of the Wizards’ Convention, which states clearly that no non-human is permitted to use or own a wand.
-- from the article in the Daily Prophet about Goblin riots in Chipping Clodbury (DP3)

The Wand Ban of 1631 is another name for the First Article of the Wizards’ Convention, which made it illegal for non-human magical beings to carry wands. This restriction is particularly galling to the Goblins, who over the years have risen up in a number of rebellions in protest (JKR-W3).

Use of a wand by non-humans is written into clause 3 of the Ministry of Magic’s Code of Wand Use (GF9).


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