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Goblin Rebellions (eighteenth century)

"Goblins don't need protection. Haven't you been listening to what Professor Binns has been telling us about goblin rebellions?"
-- Hermione Granger (GF24)

Goblin Rebellions (eighteenth century)

There were a number of bloody goblin rebellions in the 17th and 18th centuries (JKR-W3). The Rebellion which began in 1752 cost two Ministers for Magic their positions, involved werewolves, and was only suppressed when a seasoned Auror took over the Ministry. Ten years later, in 1762, famed goblin rebel leader Vargot was killed in battle, an event which may or may not have been connected to the rebellion which started in 1752.

Throughout the history of the wizarding world there have been rebellions where the goblins have fought against the discrimination and prejudice. These goblin rebellions were most prevalent in the 1600s (PA5) and 1700s (GF15, OP31), but even today there are subversive goblin groups who work in secret against the Ministry, according to the Daily Prophet (OP15). One rebellion, in 1612, took place in the vicinity of Hogsmeade; the Inn there was used as headquarters for the rebellion (PA5). The rebellions have been described as "bloody and vicious." The names of the rebels tend to run along the lines of "Bodrod the Bearded and Urg the Unclean," according to Ron (GF31).



We don't know many details about the rebellion which started in 1752. However, we do know that when Hesphaestus Gore took office that year, he was responsible for ending the revolt. He was in office until 1770, so Vargot's death was well within his tenure as Minister. It is certainly possible that the rebellion lasted for a full decade.

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