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Revolutionary War

Fought between the original thirteen American colonies and the British government from 1775-1883. Also known as the War for American Independence.

American witches and wizards were torn about what their role should be in the Revolution, discussing the matter during the “Country or Kind Debate” of 1777. A message was sent from President Elizabeth McGiliguddy to the Ministry of Magic in England asking whether they were going to engage on the side of the British. The response was short: “Sitting this one out.” McGilliguddy replied with her own terse message: “Mind you do” (Pm: MACUSA) While MACUSA also voted to stay officially neutral, witches and wizards unofficially protected their No-Maj neighbors (Pm).

  • The British Minister for Magic during the Revolutionary War years was Maximilian Crowdy 1770 - 1781 (Pm: Ministers for Magic).
  • Early American wizards celebrated Independence Day separately from their No-Maj neighbors (Pm: MACUSA).

The Revolution began after a protest known as the "Boston Tea Party," which happened one night when colonists dressed as Native Americans climbed onto a British ship in the harbor and dumped barrels of tea overboard to protest high taxes on such goods. When the British cracked down on the rebellion and closed Boston Harbor, the Patriots met to plot more retaliation in secret, forming the Continental Congress and stockpiling weapons. The first skirmishes of the Revolution were the battles of Lexington and Concord near Boston Source: Wikipedia


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