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The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy goes into effect

A summit meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards takes place. The discussion about magical creatures lasts seven weeks and includes delegations of goblins, centaurs, and merpeople. The result of this summit is the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, which effectively hid the Wizarding community away from the Muggles (Pm).

While Section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks’ Statute of Secrecy does make it illegal to use magic in view of Muggles, another provision of the Statute of Secrecy allows a witch or wizard to use magic in front of a Muggle to save their own or the Muggle’s life (OP6, OP8).

In the mid-twentieth century, Carlotta Pinkstone campaigned hard for the lifting of the Statute of Secrecy and revealing the Wizarding world to the Muggles. Her efforts failed (FW).


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