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The British and Irish Quidditch League is formed

"Level Seven, Department of Magical Games and Sports, incorporating the British and Irish Quidditch League Headquarters, Official Gobstones Club and Ludicrous Patents Office."
-- Ministry of Magic lift announcement (OP7)

The British and Irish Quidditch League is formed

The thirteen best Quidditch teams are asked to join the League; all other teams are asked to disband. This caused plenty of anger and frustration among Quidditch fans of those teams that weren’t invited to join (QA7).

Timeline Notes

The Ministry of Magic was not formed when the League was formed, so it it unclear which organization had the authority to create the League and enforce the ban. After it was formed in 1750, the job of managing both amateur and professional Quidditch in Britain was taken over by the Department of Magical Games and Sports. One famous incident was described in Quidditch Through the Ages:

Quidditch teams that flouted the Ministry guidelines were henceforth forced to disband. The most famous instance of this was the Banchory Bangers, a Scottish team renowned not only for their poor Quidditch skills but also for their post-match parties. After their 1814 match against the Appleby Arrows, the Bangers not only allowed their Bludgers to zoom away into the night, but also set out to capture a Hebridean Black for their team mascot. Ministry of Magic representatives apprehended them as they were flying over Inverness and the Banchory Bangers never played again (QA5).



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