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Sitting this one out / Mind you do

In 1777, MACUSA President Elizabeth McGilliguddy presided over the “Country or Kind” debate during which North American wizardry decided not to officially interfere in the Revolutionary War between Britain and the thirteen colonies. However, many witches and wizards secretly helped protected their No-Maj neighbors (Pm). McGillicuddy sent a message to the Ministry of Magic in London asking if they planned to intervene in the war. A reply was sent back that said “Sitting this one out,” to which she famously replied, “Mind you do.”



Although not stated in the History of MACUSA, we can infer from the list of Ministers for Magic on Pottermore that McGilliguddy's counterpart with the Ministry of Magic and possible correspondent during the American Revolution was Maximilian Crowdy, who served from 1770 - 1781 (Pm).

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