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Maximilian Crowdy

Maximilian Crowdy was the “charismatic” eighth Minister for Magic. He served from 1770 to 1781, when time he mysteriously died in office (Pm).

  • Crowdy's name is quite appropriate -- he had nine children (Pm).
  • Stopped pure-blood extremist groups from plotting attacks
  • Conspiracy theories have swirled over his untimely death, which is the subject of several books


Nine children, wife unknown.

Maximilian Crowdy
Gender Male
Dates d. 1781
Species / Race Wizard
Distinguishing Features charismatic except to the pure-blood extremists he thwarted
Affiliations Ministry of Magic
Profession Minister for Magic
First Introduced Pm



Maximilian suggests "maximum," the most

Crowdy suggests "crowd," a group of people

The Minister with nine children has a name with says "the largest crowd"

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