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Pure-Blood Directory


The Pure-Blood Directory is an infamous publication from the 1930s which listed the so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ families who have maintained a pure bloodline through history. The stated goal of the directory was to help pure-blood families keep their bloodlines pure by knowing with which families to intermarry.

Some of these families on the list, notably the Weasley family, protested being included as they were proud of being connected to many famous Muggles:

Most vocally indignant was the numerous Weasley family, which, in spite of its connections with almost every old wizarding family in Britain, was proud of its ancestral ties to many interesting Muggles (Pm).

Other families protested because they were not included in the list. The author of the directory remained anonymous, although many believe it to have been Cantankerus Nott.


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