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Which Broomstick

"According to Which Broomstick, the Firebolt's going to be the broom of choice for the national teams at this year's World Championship."

-- Lee Jordan (PA13)

A wizarding magazine comparing the various types of brooms available

Which Broomstick magazine has appeared several times:

  • Harry borrowed a copy from Oliver Wood to read up on the different makes when he needed to replace his Nimbus 2000 (PA10).
  • There's an order form at the back that can be used to order a new broom (PA12).
  • Lee Jordan quoted Which Broomstick's article about what the World Championship brooms that year would be (PA13).
  • Ron Weasley quoted Which Broomstick's article about what the Comet 260's maximum acceleration was (which could only be achieved with a decent tailwind) while singing the praises of his own new broomstick (OP9).
  • The editor of Which Broomstick is quoted in the "Praise" section at the beginning of Kenniworthy Whisp's book Quidditch Through the Ages (QA/f)



In the UK, "Which?" magazine publishes special edition consumer guides such as "Which Car" and "Which Laptop". "Which Broomstick" would fit right into this stable.

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