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Harry loses a Match and a Broom thanks to Dementors

"Diggory got the Snitch. Just after you fell. He didn't realize what had happened. When he looked back and saw you on the ground, he tried to call it off. Wanted a rematch. But they won fair and square...even Wood admits it."
-- George Weasley (PA9)

Harry loses a Match and a Broom thanks to Dementors

The Gryffindor Quidditch Team loses to Hufflepuff in a match played in a howling thunderstorm. Hermione casts a spell on Harry’s glasses so that they repel water which at least allows him to see. In the midst of the match he sees a large dog in the stands watching the game which he interprets as a vision of a Grim, and things just get worse from there. The match is lost when Dementors invade the pitch. The effect of their presence causes Harry Potter to fall off his broom, and Cedric Diggory grabs the Snitch. Harry’s Nimbus 2000 is blown into the Whomping Willow and smashed to bits (PA9).



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