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Hit-Wizard, Hit-Witch

"We are looking for talented young witches and wizards with a liking for danger"
-- recruitment advertisement in the Daily Prophet (DP2)

Hit-Wizard, Hit-Witch

Hit-Wizards are the police officers of the Wizarding world (DP2). The Department of Magical Law Enforcement maintains squads of trained Hit-Witches and Wizards whose job it is to capture dangerous wizarding criminals. A group of these Hit-Wizards captured Sirius Black after he supposedly killed Peter Pettigrew. The Hit-Wizards are not the same as Aurors. Hit-Wizards, it would seem, are sent primarily against criminals while Aurors track down and capture Dark Wizards.


The Magical Law Enforcement Squad asks for a minimum of five O.W.L.s, requiring Defence Against the Dark Arts. They require that applicants be over 17 years of age and "not of a nervous disposition" (DP2).

Once accepted into the program, a Hit-Witch or Hit-Wizard trainee is taught (among other things):

  • defensive charms and counter-curses (DP2)
  • how to restrain magical law-breakers without attracting Muggle attention (DP2)

A trainee has a starting salary of 700 Galleons per month, a Ministry of Magic broomstick, and his or her own regular bed at St Mungo's (DP2).

Known Hit-Wizards

  • Gumboil, AlastorAlthough the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is on Level Two of the Ministry of Magic, Gumboil's office there is room 919 (DP2)
  • Arnold "Arnie" PeasegoodHe suffered a minor attack of boils while arresting goblins during the riot in Chipping Clodbury (DP3) and is also an Obliviator working with the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (GF7)
  • Hit wizards were also needed to escort the quidditch team members to safety during the riots that occurred at the Puddlemere United v Holyhead Harpies grudge match (DP4)



Hit-squads or hit-teams are called in for their ability to react quickly to situations. Hit-witches and hit-wizards perform the same function in the wizarding world.


While the date printed on DP2 is 8 February 1999, DP3: 1 June 1999 and DP4 is 1 October 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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