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"We are looking for talented young witches and wizards with a liking for danger"

-- recruitment advertisement in the Daily Prophet (DP2)

Members of Magical Law Enforcement Squad, who are trained to deal with criminals (DP2)


The Department of Magical Law Enforcement maintains squads of trained Hit-Witches and Wizards whose job it is to capture dangerous wizarding criminals. A group of these Hit-Wizards captured Sirius Black after he supposedly killed Peter Pettigrew. The Hit-Wizards are not the same as Aurors. Hit-Wizards, it would seem, are sent primarily against criminals while Aurors track down and capture Dark Wizards.


The Magical Law Enforcement Squad asks for a minimum of five O.W.L.s, requiring Defence Against the Dark Arts. They require that applicants be over 17 years of age and "not of a nervous disposition" (DP2).

Once accepted into the program, a Hit-Witch or Hit-Wizard trainee is taught (among other things):

  • defensive charms and counter-curses (DP2)
  • how to restrain magical law-breakers without attracting Muggle attention (DP2)

A trainee has a starting salary of 700 Galleons per month, a Ministry of Magic broomstick, and his or her own regular bed at St Mungo's (DP2).

Known Hit-Wizards

  • Gumboil, Alastor
    Although the Department of Magical Law Enforcement is on Level Two of the Ministry of Magic, Gumboil's office there is room 919 (DP2)
  • Arnold "Arnie" Peasegood
    He suffered a minor attack of boils while arresting goblins during the riot in Chipping Clodbury (DP3) and is also an Obliviator working with the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (GF7)
  • Hit wizards were also needed to escort the quidditch team members to safety during the riots that occurred at the Puddlemere United v Holyhead Harpies grudge match (DP4)



Hit-squads or hit-teams are called in for their ability to react quickly to situations. Hit-witches and hit-wizards perform the same function in the wizarding world.


While the date printed on DP2 is 8 February 1999, DP3: 1 June 1999 and DP4 is 1 October 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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