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Chipping Clodbury

"violent scenes in the village of Chipping Clodbury"

-- report in the Daily Prophet (DP3)

This town was the location of a late-night meeting between Ministry representatives and the Brotherhood of Goblins intended to discuss the creation of a Goblin Bill of Rights (DP3)


As the meeting in Chipping Clodbury was going on, a group of goblins who had obtained illegal wands started a small riot in the town. They transfigured post boxes and litter bins, blew up some shrubbery and a small shed, and shouted B.O.G. slogans in the streets. Members of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad lulled back to sleep any Muggles of the town who may have been awakened and all was put to rights by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement (DP3)



Chipping Clodbury does not actually exist in the Muggle world. Rowling almost certainly wrote it as a play on words, for the town she grew up in was called Chipping Sodbury.

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