Kent is a county in southeastern England not far from London. After Voldemort’s defeat in 1981, the Muggle news reported sightings of shooting stars there , which, unbeknownst to them, were shot off by wizards in celebration – and if McGonagall’s suspicions were correct, Dedalus Diggle was probably to blame. It is likely, then, that he lives in Kent.

Another known magical resident of Kent is the Wailing Widow, a ghost who travels from there to Hogwarts to attend Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday party.

Kent was also the home of Modesty Rabnott, who in 1269 witnessed the first Quidditch match involving the capture of the Golden Snidget, though she saved the bird before the players could catch it.

We first hear of Kent in the Muggle news report about shooting stars in PS1.

Nearly Headless Nick tells us that the Wailing Widow travelled all the way to Hogwarts from Kent to attend his Deathday Party in CS8.

Kent was also the home of Modesty Rabnott (QA4).


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