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Modesty Rabnott

"....this is not sport! Let the Snidget go free and let us watch the noble game of Cuaditch...."
-- Modesty Rabnott (QA4)

Modesty Rabnott

Modesty Rabnott was a thirteenth century Witch living in Kent. She tried to stop Barberus Bragge from his barbaric treatment of a Golden Snidget during a Cuaditch match, only to be fined 10 Galleons for her trouble (a huge amount of money in those days). According to the letter she wrote to her sister Prudence, the house she owned had to be sold to pay the fine and she was forced to go live with Prudence in Aberdeen, travelling there on her hippogriff (QA4).

Modesty’s actions did not stop the use of the Snidget for sport at that time and their numbers plummeted. Many years later, in the fourteenth century, the Modesty Rabnott Golden Snidget Reservation was established in Somerset to help preserve the species. It had been named in her honour by Elfrida Clagg, who had succeeded Bragge as Chief of the Wizard’s Council (QA4).


Modesty Rabnott must be very adept at the Summoning Charm, to have successfully Summoned a Snidget from across a Quidditch pitch.



Modesty is a girl's name, derived from Latin modestus (meaning "moderate", from modus "measure") (Behind the Name).

Rabnott is not a common surname in Britain. It may derive from a combination of the surnames Rabb (Internet Surname Database) and Nott (Internet Surname Database).


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