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Snidget-hunting was reprehensible in many ways. Every right-minded wizard must deplore the destruction of these peace-loving little birds in the name of sport.
-- from Quidditch Through the Ages (QA4)


Hunting the tiny, highly manoeuvrable, magical Snidget birds was a popular Wizarding sport from the early 1100s until the practice was banned in the mid 1300s. A tapestry in the Museum of Quidditch shows witches and wizards engaged in Snidget-hunting using nets, wands, and even bare hands. The tiny golden bird was killed at the end of the hunt. The birds were almost impossible for Muggles to detect due to their tiny size and incredible aerial dexterity. However, the hunters on their brooms were another matter and many broomstick sightings by Muggles were the result of careless Snidget hunting.

Over-hunting, plus the introduction of the Snidget to be caught during Quidditch matches in 1269, brought the species almost to extinction. Chief of the Wizard Council Elfrida Clagg banned Snidget-hunting in the mid 1300s and established reservations for the protection of the birds.


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