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Bowman Wright

Bowman Wright

Bowman Wright was a Metal Charmer and was born in Godric’s Hollow in 1492*. His father was a Muggle and mother a Witch (FW, WoM, DH16).

Combining his love of science and sport, Wright invented the Golden Snitch, which immediately replaced the endangered Golden Snidget as the object in the game of Quidditch (QA4, FW, DH16).


Muggle father, Witch mother.


Highly skilled metal-charmer



Bowman, usually a surname rather than a given name, is an occupational name meaning "an archer". It is derived from Middle English bowe and Old English boga (meaning "bow") (Behind the Name).

Wright is an early English surname denoting a craftsman or other occupation. It comes from the Olde English wyrhta (meaning "a craftsman"), which in turn is derived from wyrcan (meaning "to work or construct") (Internet Surname Database).


*There is some discrepancy as to when Bowman lived; according to his Famous Wizards card and the facts presented on JKR.com, it was from 1492-1560, but Quidditch Through the Ages strongly suggests that he invented the Golden Snitch in the 1300s. Clearly, one source is wrong.

Wright was the "Wizard of the Month" for December 2005 on JKRowling.com (WoM).

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