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Bowman Wright is born (incorrect FW card date)

Bowman Wright is born (incorrect FW card date)

The Famous Wizard card for Bowman Wright lists his birth year as 1492. This is clearly an error, as he is said to have invented the Golden Snitch in the 1300s (three hundred years after Quidditch was invented in the 1000s) (QA4).

Timeline Notes

Although the Famous Wizard Card indicates that Wright was born in 1492, the book Quidditch Through the Ages tells us that he invented the Golden Snitch in the 1300s:

"The introduction of the Golden Snitch may be said to have finished the process begun three hundred years before on Queerditch Marsh. Quidditch had been truly born (QA4)"

The game was invented on Queerditch Marsh in the 1000s (QA3).



Wright was the "Wizard of the Month" for December 2005 on JKRowling.com (WoM).

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