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Barberus Bragge

Barberus Bragge

Barberus Bragge was Chief of the Wizards’ Council in 1269.

Bragge attended a Quidditch match in 1269 and offered 150 Galleons to whomever caught the tiny Golden Snidget bird which he released onto the pitch. At that time, 150 Galleons was the equivalent of over a million Galleons today, so a fortune to the player who was successful (QA4).

A Witch spectator in the crowd, Madam Modesty Rabnott of Kent, took to the field in protest at the abuse of the small, defenceless bird. She caught the Snidget with a Summoning Charm and was fined 10 Galleons by the irate Bragge. This incident began the practice of catching a live Golden Snidget as part of the game of Quidditch (QA4).



Barberus is sounds like the word barbarous, which means "extremely brutal" or "primitive and uncivilised" (Oxford English Dictionary), suggesting "a barbarian".

Bragge, as a surname, was originally nickname for "a cheerful, lively person" or "a boaster, braggart". It derives from the Medieval English word bragge, meaning "lively, gay, active, brisk" (Internet Surname Database). Each of these words suggest his character, which is bullying and crude.


Barberus Bragge appeared on a later set of Famous Wizards cards (FW), which came out after his introduction in the book Quidditch Through the Ages (Lexicon essay).

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