"I've been having the same week you have, Prime Minister. The Brockdale Bridge ... the Bones and Vance murders ... not to mention the ruckus in the West Country ..."
-- Cornelius Fudge, erstwhile Minister for Magic (HBP1)

West Country

The West Country is a largely rural region of southwestern England which includes Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset. It was here that the Death Eaters, with the help of at least one giant, caused widespread destruction while attacking Muggles in the summer of 1996. This was one of the things that caused wizarding sentiment to turn against Cornelius Fudge, eventually sacking him as Minister for Magic (HBP1).

Quite a few wizarding places are located in the West Country, including the Burrow and Godric’s Hollow. The West Country also includes Wiltshire, where Malfoy Manor is to be found.

The West Country was the location of the legendary battle between Sir Cadogan, Knight of the Round Table, and the fearsome Wyvern of Wye (Pm).


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