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Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed

"Goblin-wizard relations haven't been this bad in centuries"

-- Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed (DP3)

Ragnok the Pigeon-Toed was an activist for Goblin rights and the author of Little People, Big Plans (DP3).

Interviewed by the Daily Prophet following the riots in Chipping Clodbury, he states that relations between goblins and wizard had seriously deteriorated and that the Ministry was "still refusing to listen to the goblin in the street" (DP3)



In Old Norse, ragna means "the gods or ruling powers". Ragnarök was a series of events in Norse mythology leading to the death of the gods.


While the date printed on DP3 is 1 June 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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